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Thursday, February 22, 2024


    The Somali Prime Minister meets with his Djiboutian counterpart

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    Tuesday in Djibouti, the prime minister of Somalia, Hamse Abdi Barre, met with the prime minister of Djibouti, Abdulkadir Kamil Mohamed.

    To advance relations and collaboration between the two nations and to fulfil their shared goal, Prime Minister Hamsa and members of his delegation met separately with Prime Minister Abdulkadir Kamil Mohamed of Djibouti and members of his cabinet.

    Hamza Abdi Barre applauded Djibouti for sending doctors and medical supplies to Somalia to help those hurt by the twin bombs that occurred in Mogadishu last week.

    He committed to enhancing bilateral collaboration on development, drought security, and climate change.

    In order to assist the Somali citizens hurt in the two-car bomb explosions at the Zoobe intersection on Saturday, October 29, Djibouti, Turkey, and Ethiopia sent medical supplies to Mogadishu.

    Abdulkadir Kamil Mohamed, the prime minister of Djibouti, stated that his country is dedicated to helping the Somali people and its administration during this difficult time as they deal with the calamity.

    One of the nations sending troops to Somalia’s African Union-led peacekeeping mission, which has been there for more than three decades, is Djibouti.

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