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Friday, July 19, 2024


    The Somalia cabinet names a new army commander.

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    The Somali government unexpectedly chose Ibrahim Sheikh Muhyiddin as the new head of the nation’s armed forces after General Odowaa Yusuf Rage was ousted.

    This choice was announced in a statement released by the Prime Minister’s office, which highlighted the Ministry of Defense’s acceptance of the new commander’s appointment proposal.

    General Ibrahim Sheikh Muhyiddin, who formerly held the positions of head of the presidential guard and presidential guard Koofia Casta under the previous administration of President Hassan Sheikh, offers a lot of military expertise to his current position. He has also held a number of other military roles, including that of Commander of the National Presidential Guard’s 60th Brigade.

    General Odowa, who had been in charge of the nation’s armed forces since 2019, was fired for an unspecified reason.
    Although it has made statements about starting the second phase of the assault against the organisation, the government has not yet done so.

    General Odowa’s removal comes at a time when the government’s attempts to fight Al-Shabaab have been impeded by a lack of advancement and coordination, and the conflict against the group is at a crucial turning point. The recent dismissal of Ali Osman Jeyte, the governor of the Hiran area and a crucial figure in the campaign against Al-Shabaab, has made the situation even more difficult.

    General Ibrahim Sheikh Muhyiddin’s selection as the nation’s new military chief is anticipated to give the fight against Al-Shabaab new life and to facilitate cooperation across various areas and groups. How successful this will be in practise and if the government’s attempts to battle the organisation will produce any noticeable impact in the upcoming months remain to be seen.

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