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Thursday, September 28, 2023


    The Somaliland army is accused of murdering prisoners seized during the Las Anod combat.

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    -Abdirisaq Hassan Falaalug, the spokesperson for the SSC 33-member committee, accused the Somaliland army of executing prisoners captured from battling troops on Saturday. The SSC-Khatumo soldiers reportedly took prisoners and stated that further information would be shared with the public soon.

    The combat on Saturday took place when Somaliland forces reportedly stormed Las Anod town from all sides save the south, resulting in deaths.

    Somaliland accused “Puntland-led ally” forces of attacking its troops in East Las Anod, claiming that it was in a defensive posture at the time of the purported attack. It also stated that it “kept the ceasefire” declared by their administration.

    Prior to Saturday’s clash, there had been little violence for nearly two weeks.

    The actual number of casualties is unknown at this time, and the dead and injured are being treated in five different locations throughout the city. Falaalug stressed that, while they are willing to speak, they are unable to do so while the Somaliland army strikes the city with artillery.

    In response, Somaliland Defense Minister Abdiqani Mohamud Aateeye stated that during battle on the outskirts of Las Anod, they captured 20 captives, two army vehicles, 15 heavy machine guns, and several small arms. He accused Puntland of breaking the parties’ agreed-upon ceasefire and warned that the military forces would not sit still if the agreement was broken.

    Over 200 people have killed and hundreds more have been injured in weeks of fierce combat, according to Dr. Ismail Mohamoud, director of Gargaar Hospital in Las Anod. Over the past month, the Somaliland army has been fighting clan militias for control of Las Anod. Fighting has continued despite appeals for a ceasefire, increasing fears of a humanitarian crisis in the midst of a severe drought that has already harmed hundreds of people in the contested territory.

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