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Thursday, March 30, 2023


    The third Accord University Symposium

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    Recently, Accord University organized its third symposium in the Netherlands. titled “The Future of E-Learning.

    Accord University keeps emphasizing how important e-learning is, which is becoming more and more clear in the post-COVID world. E-learning can give students the most up-to-date information in real time, no matter where they are as long as they have access to the Internet. Additionally, e-learning as it exists today is only the tip of the iceberg, and in a few decades, it will not resemble what it is today.

    E-learning was made feasible by the tremendous technological breakthroughs of the third industrial revolution. As new technologies are created and used, e-learning continues to evolve. E-learning is the result of how tools like computers, laptops, software, cell phones, tablets, and the Internet have changed over time.

    As technology improves and new technologies come out, the fourth industrial revolution will start, and e-learning will change and take on a new shape. Innovations such as 5G Internet, artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, and brain chips will increase the interactivity and immersion of education. These innovations will transform the education industry and the way we approach education.

    Accord University acknowledges that the changes brought about by the fourth industrial revolution will not only have an impact on e-learning, but will also totally revolutionize all industries and professions. As we no longer have elevator operators, streetlight lamplighters, or automobile assembly line employees, so too will many present jobs become extinct as a result of ongoing technical developments. In economics, this process is known as “creative destruction.” Industrial revolutions are triggered by a cyclical process. It is the process through which jobs and professions that are relevant at a given time are replaced by more advanced technologies. In this scenario, technology such as AI and automation will displace a significant portion of the current human workforce. With these developments, new opportunities appear, including previously unimaginable jobs.

    This is precisely why educational institutions like Accord University will continue to enhance the courses and training programs they provide students in order to keep them competitive in a world that is constantly evolving. When old opportunities expire and new ones emerge, we are all optimistic.

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