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Friday, July 19, 2024


    The Turkish Foreign Minister officially opens a new chamber of trade in Montenegro.

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    The Turkish Foreign Minister launched the Montenegro Turkish Chamber of Commerce in the capital Podgorica on Monday.

    “With 260 representations, Turkey has one of the world’s top five diplomatic networks.” ”In a very short period, we will increase this number even further,” Hakan Fidan stated during the inauguration ceremony.

    “In fact, the total amount of investments with Turkish capital has reached €344 million ($375.20 million),” noted Fidan, who is now in Montenegro for a Southeast European Cooperation Process (SEECP) summit.

    “In terms of foreign direct investment, we rank first in Montenegro.” Our bilateral trade volume surpassed $200 million last year as the scope of our free trade agreement was expanded. We expect to meet our traders’ $250 million trading volume objective before the end of the year. But I know that this amount will not suffice for our presidents.”

    Fidan urged both countries’ entrepreneurs to concentrate on areas like as energy, tourism, infrastructure, education, health, agriculture, forestry, communications, and information technology.

    The establishment of the Montenegrin-Turkish Chamber of Commerce will strengthen bilateral trade and investment links between the two nations, he stated.

    “The establishment of the Turkish Chamber of Commerce is proof, even a crown, of our mutual political and fraternal relations,” Montenegro’s Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic stated.

    Abazovic emphasised that Turkish businesses are always welcome in Montenegro and would always find a place in significant infrastructure, energy, and tourism projects.

    “Although Montenegro is a small country in terms of land area, it offers tremendous opportunities,” stated Abazovic.

    The opening of the chamber was attended by a large number of Turkish and Montenegrin businesses.

    Fidan later met with Ervin Ibrahimovic, Montenegrin Deputy Prime Minister and Bosniak Party Chair.

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