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Thursday, May 30, 2024


    The Turkish president is the most admired leader in the Western Balkans

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    A study performed in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Kosovo found that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the region’s most admired leader.

    The International Republican Institute’s “Western Balkans Regional Survey” asked about the most pressing challenges confronting these nations, government priorities, and perspectives on global and regional leaders.

    Most respondents cited “economic conditions and the cost of living” as their primary worries.

    Erdogan conducted the poll in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and North Macedonia.

    In Albania, 71% of respondents favored Erdogan, followed by US President Joe Biden (64%), and Chinese President Xi Jinping (14%).

    In Bosnia and Herzegovina, 61% of respondents supported Erdogan, with Russian President Vladimir Putin, US President Biden, and Chinese President Xi each receiving around 37%.

    In Montenegro, Erdogan topped with 56%, followed by Putin (50%), and Xi (46%).

    In North Macedonia, Erdogan was the most admired leader, with 66%, followed by Putin (49%), Biden (37%), and Xi (35%).

    In Serbia, Putin was the most admired leader, with 80%, followed by Xi (73%), and Erdogan (41%).

    Biden was the most admired leader in Kosovo, with 85%, followed by Erdogan, who received 82%.

    The poll has 1,216 respondents from Albania, 1,225 from Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1,220 from North Macedonia, 1,036 from Montenegro, 1,238 from Serbia, and 1,203 from Kosovo.

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