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Monday, July 15, 2024


    The UN Secretary-General is ‘deeply disturbed’ by the escalating violence and loss of life in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

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    On Wednesday, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres voiced great worry about the escalating violence and loss of life in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

    “The Secretary-General condemns all acts of violence against civilians, including acts of terror,” said Farhan Haq, his deputy spokesperson.

    “This includes yesterday’s shooting by two armed Palestinians in the occupied West Bank that killed four Israelis and injured others, as well as the ensuing acts of vandalism and torching of land and properties, including a school, by Israeli settlers in Palestinian villages around Nablus and Ramallah,” the statement said.

    Guterres also voiced worry over the events in Jenin on June 19, when an Israeli security operation and subsequent exchange of fire resulted in the deaths of seven Palestinians, including two UNRWA students.

    “It is critical to defuse tensions and prevent further escalation,” the statement stated. “As the Occupying Power, Israel must ensure that the civilian population is protected from all forms of violence and that perpetrators are held accountable.”

    It also urged Israel to follow its commitments under international humanitarian law, including as using force proportionately and taking all reasonable efforts to protect people during military operations.

    “Ultimately, only a return to a meaningful political process and the end of the occupation will end this devastating cycle of violence and senseless loss of life,” the statement stated.

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