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Monday, July 15, 2024


    The United Nations Security Council meets to discuss Somalia’s political, security, and humanitarian crises.

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    The United Nations Security Council is meeting today to discuss Somalia’s ongoing political, security, and humanitarian crisis.

    The council will hear the Somali president’s report on the current events in the nation.
    The gathering takes place at a time when many sections of Somalia are experiencing tough political conditions and collaboration between the federal administration and member states is limited.

    Conflict has broken out in a number of areas, including Garowe, Lasaanod, Garbaharey, Baladweyne, and Barawe.
    The Security Council voiced worry in a recent report on Somalia concerning the government’s struggle with Al-Shabaab and the situation in Lasanood.

    Members of the council are concerned that the fighting in Lasa’anood would exacerbate the humanitarian situation, causing further displacement and intensifying the drought disaster that is projected in 2022.

    The Security Council has requested that Somaliland withdraw its forces from Lasanood, but Somaliland has refused to comply.

    The scenario has heightened tensions in the region, with possible ramifications for the Somali people as a whole.

    The Security Council meeting is an important step towards tackling the situation in Somalia and finding a long-term solution to the country’s political and security concerns.

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