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Tuesday, March 21, 2023


    Trade with Turkey

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    Request From Turkey 

    Turkey is a strategic state built on ancient civilizations in the Middle East, connecting Asia and Europe. Geographically, it is a very strategic country commercially, as it is located in the middle of Asia, Africa and Europe in terms of ease of world sea, rail and air transportation. Strengthening its logistics infrastructure every year due to its commercial cyclical position, Turkey is constantly increasing its production capacity and exports. In addition to this geographical advantage, Turkey inherited from its history; With strong ties between states, nations and geographies, it is home to wide friendships not only in commercial but also in religious, cultural and political terms.

    Turkey, which has made a very rapid development move in almost every field in recent years, has become one of the countries that are self-sufficient in production and manufacturing industry. In every sector from food to construction, from health to logistics, very important developments have been achieved in our country with competent workforce and right investments.

    We are aware of Turkey’s production power. The world is aware of this, and Turkey has begun to be referred to as little China by many countries with which it has developed commercial relations. Although we do not prefer to be called the smallest of any country, it is exciting and proud for us that our name has started to be mentioned in the world in terms of the manufacturing industry. Turkey is engaged in production activities in almost every sector that will be needed and it is also mentioned for its quality in terms of the products it has produced. Turkey, which has already made a name for itself in many sectors such as food, electrical appliances, furniture, textile and construction sectors from the past to the present, is now; It has made great strides in many new fields such as health, new generation technologies, and the defense industry and has become a competitive power in the world.

    So Who Are We?

    Request from Turkey is a commercial consultancy company jointly established by Turkish-Somali business people. Our founding purpose is primarily to increase the commercial cooperation and trade volume between Somalia and Turkey. Then, while developing our commercial cooperation with other African countries, we aim to transform Somalia into the trade center of the region. Request from Turkey has already crossed the borders of Somalia, attracting the attention of investors and traders in Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Sudan.

    You should ask us for your requests, why?

    We aim to share Turkey’s experience with our friendly and brotherly countries and to grow together by including them in our development adventure. In line with this goal, where we acted with a win-win logic with a sense of brotherhood, we preferred Somalia as the central country of our commercial activities in Africa. Along with the strong friendship ties we have established with Somalia, both before the states and individually, which was instrumental in our taking this decision, our strategic reason is that we foresee that Somalia will be a strategic commercial country like Turkey in its own geography. These features enabled us to put Somalia at the center of our African trade in our decision making.

    What are the advantages of working with Request from Turkey?

    The purpose of trading is to make money. When you look at corporate firms and large family businesses that do business around the world, you catch similar points in their success. The first of these is definitely trust. Confidence is the first qualification you must have to be successful when you want to build any system. Others are; are concepts such as quality and honest work, efficient use of time, valuing, and empathy. Everyone knows these concepts, but those who apply them win.

    Let us explain to you with an example what is the advantage of Request from Turkey to its customers, what is the reason for its establishment. A company that wants to buy wholesale furniture on a regular basis needs to do a serious market research with its own means and for this, it needs to employ qualified people, organize business trips, participate in fairs, and spend a lot of money and time. Despite all these sacrifices, companies still experience many difficulties. This is not commercially profitable at all. This situation does not fit the philosophy of the trade. And this method exploits the energy of companies.

    We, as Request from Turkey, step in at this point. We provide maximum efficiency with minimum effort. We prevent your waste of time and effort. We save you from high expenses. Instead of making all these sacrifices, you can make plans to expand your business while sipping your coffee in your office.

    We also know that; In trade, it is not earned by selling high, it is earned by buying cheap. And the most important capital in human hands is time, that is, the more a company converts its time into money, the faster it grows, the more it earns. This is exactly the most important advantage of our service. We act as a catalyst in trade. We do market research for our customers in the fastest way, for this we work with the most competitive companies in Turkey. Our customers, on the other hand, use the energy and time they spend on product supply to expand their markets and make their time valuable.

    How can you work with us?

    You can send us your requests at, which we designed as a simple website free of unnecessary information. You can contact us directly via our website for information on any subject.


    “ You can handle all your requests with a single contact

    Find the product you are looking for at the best price in the Turkish market

    Get rid of tracking every step of your orders

    Don’t waste your time researching products, ask for more products and expand your market “

    “ A student’s success is measured by how much knowledge he has learned over time.

    A racer’s success is measured in how long it takes to reach the finish line.

    The success of a company is also measured by how much time it makes and how much money it makes.

    Time is the measure of everything, evaluate the efficiency of your own work with this measure “

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