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Monday, July 15, 2024


    Trump has promised to go after the ‘entire Biden crime family’ if re-elected in 2024.

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    Former President Donald Trump stated on Tuesday, hours after his arraignment in a secret papers case in Miami, Florida, that if current President Joe Biden is re-elected in 2024, he will go after him.

    “I will appoint a real special prosecutor to go after Joe Biden, the most corrupt president in the history of the United States of America, and the entire Biden crime family,” Trump assured supporters in Bedminster, New Jersey.

    Trump also mentioned unidentified individuals who he blamed for weakening the country’s elections and borders.

    “When I am reelected, and we will be reelected; we don’t have a choice; we don’t have a country anymore,” he declared, “I will completely obliterate the deep state.”

    He also referred to the indictment as “the most evil and heinous abuse in the history of our country.”

    His fans sung “Happy Birthday” to the former president, who will be 77 on Wednesday, during his comments.

    Earlier in the day, Trump pleaded not guilty to 37 counts filed by federal prosecutors in connection with his alleged retention of secret government materials after leaving office.

    When a Florida grand jury charged him last week, he became the first former US president to face criminal charges. He is facing separate state charges in connection with his business transactions in New York.

    Trump again slammed Democrats, claiming that the charge is intended to divert attention away from a bribery conspiracy involving the Biden family.

    “They want to divert attention away from the genuine espionage and crimes…”Let’s go out and indict President Trump so they don’t bring up the $5 million bribe,” he remarked.

    He also called Special Counsel Jack Smith a “thug” and “deranged.”

    Trump has reaffirmed his claim that the prosecution against him is politically motivated, a claim refuted by Smith, who was appointed by US Attorney General Merrick Garland in November to conduct an independent investigation into Trump’s post-presidency retention of secret materials.

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