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Thursday, May 30, 2024


    Trump vows to stop Biden’s ‘war on lawful gun owners’ if elected

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    Donald Trump, a former US president, threatened on Friday to put an end to President Joe Biden’s “war on lawful gun owners.”

    At a National Rifle Association (NRA) meeting in Indiana, Trump declared that he was happy to be the most “pro-gun” and “pro-Second Amendment” president in the White House.

    I believe that has been acknowledged, and with your help in 2024 as the 47th President of the United States, I will once more be your devoted friend and brave champion.

    He said, “I proudly labeled gun and ammo dealers as essential infrastructure when the radical left Democrats tried to utilize COVID to shut down gun sales during the China virus pandemic.

    Biden’s call for stricter gun laws, according to Trump, is “part and parcel of the left-wing crusade to weaponize government against law-abiding citizens while letting criminals run free.”

    He claimed he pulled the US from the “globalist” United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, which he labeled a “disaster.”

    He said that he revoked former President Barack Obama’s “corrupt use of social security data to deny Americans their right to bear arms” and declared, “I never surrendered to the globalist left and I always put our term America first.”

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