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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


    Turkey’s foreign minister advocates for greater recognition of Palestine.

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    Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan highlighted on Sunday the importance of increasing efforts to persuade additional nations to recognize Palestine.

    Fidan stated that delaying recognition of Palestine does not address the situation but rather buys Israel more time.

    According to diplomatic sources, he gave the message during the International Partners conference and a conference on the implementation of the two-state solution, including the subject of recognizing Palestine, held in Brussels as part of his discussions on the Palestinian issue.

    The first gathering brought together nations and entities that provide help to Palestine.

    Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Mustafa highlighted his government’s aims and intentions for foreign partners.

    The second conference focused on attempts to find a political solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, as well as measures to form the State of Palestine based on a two-state solution.

    Türkiye’s messages during meetings

    Fidan stated that Israel’s suspension of Palestinian funds is one approach to put pressure on the Palestinian Authority, highlighting the importance of long-term finance for the governing body.

    He underscored Israel’s intention, under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s fundamentalist administration, to carry out plans to destroy and annihilate Palestinians at whatever cost.

    Fidan further stated that the relentless plot of devastation is spreading from Gaza to the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

    He appreciated the efforts made for Palestine since the Oslo Accords, but emphasized that without insisting on a different strategy, no different outcome can be expected.

    Fidan stated that since Oslo, the international world has preferred to refer to Palestine as a “authority” rather than a “government,” showing an imbalance that maintains Israel’s occupation.

    He underlined the importance of Palestine operating as a full-fledged state with its own institutions to solve these problems.

    He also emphasized the significance of intensifying efforts to have more nations recognize the state of Palestine, and he stated that Israelis should not be expected to negotiate with Palestinians for recognition.

    Fidan also stated that deferring recognition does not address the situation but rather gives Israel more time.

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