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Monday, April 22, 2024


    Turkish fighter jets attacked PKK locations in northern Iraq.

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    Turkish airplanes destroyed 20 PKK targets and “neutralized” several terrorists in airstrikes on the terror group’s hideouts in northern Iraq near the Turkish border on Sunday, according to the National Defense Ministry.

    According to a ministry statement, the strikes were launched to “eliminate terrorist attacks against our people and security forces from northern Iraq” by neutralizing PKK and other terrorist elements and ensuring border security, in accordance with Turkey’s self-defense rights under Article 51 of the UN Charter.

    Terrorist targets were hit in the Hakurk, Qandil, and Gara regions.

    According to the statement, all precautions were taken to protect innocent civilians, friendly elements, historical and cultural artifacts, and the environment.

    Terrorists from the PKK frequently hide over the border in northern Iraq to plan terror attacks in Turkey.

    The phrase “neutralize” is used by Turkish authorities to signify that the terrorists in issue surrendered, were killed, or were apprehended.

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