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Sunday, March 3, 2024


    Turkish Foundation Provides Humanitarian Aid to Somalia

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    Somali Magazine – Mr. Mohamud Moalim, the commissioner of the Somali Disaster Management Agency (SoDMA), received a humanitarian aid package from the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, a Turkish humanitarian organization.

    Food, mosquito nets, tents to accommodate displaced families from flood-affected areas, and various household utensils were included in the charity package. The aid package is meant to assist communities devastated by the El Nio floods that are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance.

    SoDMA’s commissioner expressed gratitude to the IHH foundation for their generosity and solidarity with the Somali people. He stated that the humanitarian package would be sent to the most vulnerable and needy individuals in Somalia, where flooding has caused severe destruction and displacement.

    According to the IHH foundation official, the organization is devoted to assisting the Somali people during their moment of difficulty.

    El Nio, marked by higher-than-normal sea levels and warmer-than-average water temperatures along the equatorial Pacific, has resulted in heavy rains and flooding in various parts of Somalia.

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