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Saturday, January 28, 2023


    Turkish officials stress the value of exporting Russian grain and fertiliser.

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    The Turkish president stated on Friday that more than four million tonnes of grain have so far been exported from Ukrainian ports, reiterating that the Istanbul grain deal is proceeding “smoothly.”

    The agreement includes: “The grain corridor has been used to export more than four million tonnes of grain. It’s still going on “After Friday prayer in Istanbul, Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke to reporters.

    Erdogan emphasised the value of exporting Russian grain and fertiliser, claiming that doing so will benefit underdeveloped nations.

    Erdogan claimed that 200 of the prisoners involved in a prisoner swap between Russia and Ukraine are currently “guests” of Turkey.

    “They are our visitors. Mr. (Vladimir) Putin insisted on a particular name for one of them. That person was also sent to Russia, “Added he.

    Erdogan announced earlier this week that 200 prisoners would be exchanged between Russia and Ukraine as a result of Turkey’s diplomatic discussions with the two leaders and its mediation efforts.

    He had previously stated to reporters in New York that the prisoner exchange facilitated by Turkey was “an important step” toward putting an end to the conflict between the two nations.

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