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Thursday, May 30, 2024


    Ukraine claims Russia has returned the corpses of 84 troops.

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    Somali Magazine 29 Aug 2023- On Tuesday, Ukrainian officials said that Russia had turned over the corpses of 84 Ukrainian servicemen.

    “The bodies of servicemen who died for Ukraine have been handed over.” “Today, the bodies of 84 defenders were returned to their families,” said Oleh Kotenko, the Commissioner for Missing Persons, in a Telegram message.

    Kotenko stated that the remains were returned from territories under Russian control with the assistance of government organisations such as the Reintegration Ministry, the Security Service of Ukraine, and the Central Security Service of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

    “The process of returning the bodies of Ukrainian soldiers killed in action continues.” It is carried out in conformity with the Geneva Conventions,” he continued.

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