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Saturday, December 3, 2022


    Ukrainian, Somali, and Zulu are now supported by Microsoft Teams.

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    Microsoft makes an effort to meet the requirements of every student by making classroom tools available to all. In order to accomplish this, Microsoft Teams just received an upgrade that adds support for Ukrainian, Somali, and Zulu languages, bringing the total number of supported languages to 105.

    The incorporation of these languages is a complex measure taken by Microsoft to ensure that all Ukrainian students have a smooth transition and do not fall behind in their studies due to a language barrier.

    With that said, Reading Progress’s auto-detect speech identification for the Ukrainian language is now generally available. Students in Ukraine may now utilize the program to translate whatever is being taught in class, which is a huge help.

    Immersive Reader and Microsoft Translator are also part of the initiative that will help students progress with their studies as they provide support for the Ukrainian language and are also available in tools across Microsoft 365. Microsoft has also rolled out Read Aloud support for Somali and Zulu in Immersive Reader. Be sure to check out our expert guide on how to use Immersive Reader .

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