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Thursday, May 30, 2024


    UN Security Council Committee visits Somalia to assess peacebuilding efforts

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    The UN Security Council Committee on Peacebuilding (C34) arrived in Mogadishu on Tuesday to meet with the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) and the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) to discuss the security and political situation in the country.

    The C34 delegation, was received by the Minister of Defense of the FGS, Mr. Abdulqadir Mohamed Nur, and the state Minister of Foreign Affairs of the FGS, Mr. Ali Omar Balcad, who briefed them on the progress made in the fight against the Al-Shabaab terrorist group and the role of ATMIS and Somali friends in the liberation of the country.

    The FGS officials also highlighted the efforts of the FGS and the plans for the development of the security forces and the transfer of security responsibility to the country, as part of the Somali Transition Plan (STP).

    The C34 delegation expressed its support for the FGS and commended its achievements in the areas of security, governance, and reconciliation. The delegation also reiterated the importance of holding timely and inclusive elections, in accordance with the September 17 agreement, and urged all parties to work together to resolve the outstanding issues.

    The C34 delegation is expected to visit other regions of Somalia and meet with representatives of the federal member states, civil society, and the international community. The visit aims to assess the peacebuilding needs and challenges in Somalia and to provide recommendations to the Security Council on how to support the country’s stability and development.

    Source SONNA

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