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Monday, July 22, 2024


    UNFPA, KSrelief restores Habiba’s hope of survival after Strucked with misfortunes

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    Somali Magazine – In efforts to empower women and girls in Somalia, UNFPA and KSrelief jointly launched a collaborative initiative that, so far, has reached nearly 29,500 women and girls by September 2023. The collaboration has emerged as a beacon of hope within the communities of operation.

    The initiative that is touching the arid areas affected by drought and conflict has offered a wide range of opportunities to women who are severely exposed to the dangers that are caused by the intensified conflicts and the drought that has resulted in food insecurity.

    Habiba Hassan, a resident of the arid Baidoa region of Somalia, is one of the beneficiaries of the UNFPA-KSrelief programme after embarking on a poignant journey through the shadows of drought and conflict that led her to the Walag camp for internally displaced persons (IDP).

    Habiba, who is a mother of five, has gone through difficulties with her children, exposed to uncertainities marked by malnutrition and the complexities of her eighth month of pregnancy. Her struggles, however, were solved on July 8, 2023, after she came across the UNFPA’s mobile outreach team, a lifeline generously supported by KSrelief.

    In response to her situation, the UNFPA’s mobile outreach organised transportation to the nearby UNFPA-supported BEmONC (Basic Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care) centre, where she was attended by fortified skilled nurses, ultimately sustaining both herself and her unborn child.

    In the shadows of adversity, Habiba’s advocacy celebrated the promise of a brighter future, where zero preventable maternal deaths are not just a goal but a shared reality.

    This was not merely an individual triumph but a testament to the collaborative impact of UNFPA and KSrelief, guided by a shared vision.

    Through its project, “Providing Reproductive Health Services to Pregnant Women and Girls in Somalia,” KSrelief’s financial backing ensured the seamless flow of essential supplies and life-saving commodities to four BEmONC and two CEmONC (Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care) centres across Somalia. KSrelief’s support served as a lifeline for healthcare facilities, like the one that cradled Habiba’s dreams. The project further strengthened mobile outreach teams, extending their reach and bringing basic reproductive health services to the remotest populations.

    In her ninth month, amidst the warmth and care she received, Habiba brought forth new life, not just for herself but for a community rekindled with hope. Habiba’s journey, one of resilience and transformation, resonated through the Walag camp. Her story became a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the collaborative efforts of organisations committed to rebuilding lives with dignity.

    Empowered by her experience, she embraced the role of an advocate, joining mother support groups to share her story and mobilize community health uptake.

    “I am profoundly grateful,” Habiba reflected. “My family and I are stronger. They transformed me from an unaware woman to a mobilizer and motivator. Thanks to UNFPA and KSrelief, hope was rekindled.”

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