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Thursday, April 11, 2024


    Unknown assailants assassinate major businessmen from the Bari region in the town of Bosaso.

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    Somali Magazine – According to reports from the port city of Bosaso, unknown gunmen assassinated Malaaq Ibrahim Abdirahman, a community leader and famous businessman from South West State.

    According to witnesses, Ibrahim was assassinated after leaving a mosque in town where he had attended the dawn prayer, often known as “Fajr.”

    The assailants fled the area right away.

    The cause for the crime is unknown, however assassinations of notable persons in the community have recently increased.

    Khadar Abdi Ali, a respected leader from Ethiopia’s Somali region and a key figure in Puntland State, was assassinated at his home last Friday after an unidentified person forced entry into a house in Raf and Raho villages.

    His son was also seriously injured in the assassination, which sparked outrage and condemnation in the Puntland and Ethiopian Somali regions.

    Puntland police have initiated an inquiry on the event in an attempt to apprehend those responsible.

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