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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


    US accuses Russia, China of covering for North Korea at UN

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    Somali Magazine 26 Aug 2023- The US accused China and Russia on Friday of obstructing a unified UN Security Council response to North Korea’s missile launches, including Pyongyang’s attempt to send a spy satellite into orbit on Thursday.

    During an emergency Security Council meeting, 13 of the 15 members criticised Pyongyang’s second spy satellite test in three months, which utilised ballistic missile technology.

    “This should be a unifying issue for us….” “However, due to China and Russia’s obstructionism, this Council has failed to live up to its commitments since the beginning of 2022,” said US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

    “The DPRK’s nuclear threat is growing, and Russia and China are not living up to their responsibility to maintain international peace and security,” she continued, using the initials for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the North’s official name.

    Thomas-Greenfield also criticised the attendance of Russian and Chinese officials at a recent North Korean military demonstration that displayed new drones and nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missiles.

    “They are celebrating — they are celebrating — violations of Security Council resolutions and continuing to block Council action,” Thomas-Greenfield said of Moscow and Beijing.

    China and Russia blocked a Security Council resolution imposing further sanctions on Pyongyang in May 2022, and no resolution or statement on North Korea has been issued since.
    The most recent united Security Council action on North Korea was in 2017.

    Chinese and Russian officials blamed Washington for North Korea’s belligerent posture, citing continuous US military exercises with South Korea.

    North Korea has always claimed that its nuclear programme is for self-defense, and that the same is true for its satellite programme.

    “Our launch of the reconnaissance satellite is an exercise of the legitimate right to self-defense in order to deter ever-increasing hostile military acts by the United States,” North Korean Ambassador Kim Song said, adding that his country has never recognised UN Security Council resolutions on North Korea in any case.
    That was rejected by Thomas-Greenfield.

    “We all know the truth: the DPRK prioritises its paranoia and self-interest over the desperate needs of the North Korean people,” she stated.

    “The DPRK’s war machine is fueled by repression and cruelty,” Thomas-Greenfield continued. “It’s a disgrace, and it poses a serious threat to global peace.”

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