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Thursday, May 30, 2024


    We Need Tolerance

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    Ridwan Yusuf

    Somali Magazine 2 Aug 2023- Many of us don’t know we are intolerant and would make absolute dictators if we ever had power over the lives of others. If you are a person who gets angry when someone says something you don’t agree with, even on Social Media, then you have an intolerant streak in you.

    Think hard and count to at least 1,000 before you speak up or write with anger, whether on Social Media or anywhere.

    You have heard the expression: “Let’s agree to disagree”.

    The moment you have to respond to someone’s viewpoint with a torrent of abuse, you are actually displaying intolerance in full public view to the whole world.

    Engage, debate, but don’t abuse the other party.

    Communication means that I have to listen to ideas that sometimes may not be ready yet, but I don’t bash the person on the head; I just try to engage them in a way that helps them and others. Unless of course, they are being #Intolerant Being passionate about an issue does not mean you are necessarily right. It just means you are passionate about your side of the argument. That is all.

    Think about all the things you are angry about?

    “Why are you so, so angry?” There are some people out there who are so, so angry about a lot of things, and a lot of people. Some are even angry with themselves! Yes, we all get angry now and again, but when you allow your anger to just simmer and explode day after day, venting and venting, you need to be careful. It will eventually consume you personally or lead you to take an action that will cause harm to others. Even as a Muslim, I’m not justified in being angry with people who don’t “see” what I’m seeing. Or don’t agree with me. I have seen brothers shouting at other brothers in publicly…..criticizing the efforts of others like it’s their only purpose in life.

    What is that? What is the matter with you? Come on! “Mutual tolerance is a necessity for all time and all races”. Mahatma Gandhi

    Without tolerance, even and especially across big divides of many kinds, we will never ever build Africa’s century. That does not mean passively “tolerate” injustice, inequality, abuse, racism, and the like. It means “two wrongs do not make a right”. We have to keep focused on Solution Seeking, not the opposite. Let’s talk. [As usual: please keep the conversation focused on ideas and nation building]. There are other platforms for other discussions.

    Author : Ridwan Yusuf Mohamud
    The Founder and Editor in Chief of Somali Magazine

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