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Thursday, May 30, 2024


    ‘World Breastfeeding Week’ is officially launched by the health minister.

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    Dr. Ali Haji Adam, the Minister of Health and Social Welfare for the Federal Government of Somalia, officially inaugurated today’s World Breastfeeding Week celebration.

    Doctors, members of the medical community, officials from the Banadir Regional Government, the State Minister of the Ministry of Health, Drs. Maryam Mohamed Hussein, the Minister of State for the Ministry of Work and Social Affairs, the Director of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, and other dignitaries attended the event.

    Breast milk supplies all the nutrients a baby needs for the first six months, therefore the goal was to encourage moms to breastfeed their children in order to strengthen their immune systems. In addition to giving children intellect and wisdom, breast milk also maintains them psychologically and physically fit and shields them from viral disorders that affect the ears, throat, and respiratory tract.

    The Federal Government of Somalia’s Ministry of Health and societal Welfare has adopted the slogan “Giving working women the opportunity to breastfeed their children is a social responsibility” for this year.

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